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Grand Moda (Grand Fashion) was established in 2012, has formed itself as being a manufacturer throughout the sector.

Our customers’ satisfaction is our core philosophy because of our founders’ over 25 years of experience. The headquarters of the company placed in Istanbul, and we export our products across the World.

Our unique designed products are %100 leather both within and without concurrently they are orthopedic. Those products have a significant impact on a large number of people. Turkey was the birthplace of Grand Moda.

We produce our shoes with a %100 comfort policy. We are giving shape to the footwear market with the shoes, slippers, sandals, and boots that we produce which are %100 leather both within and without.

We attribute our distinctively designed and large-scaled collection to our workers’ skilled hands and manufacturing technology, all of which contribute to our distinct style.

Aside from our eye-catching aesthetic footwear, we take a duty to use high-quality materials in the insole and outsole of footwear for our customers’ comfort.

One of our primary goals is to ensure customer satisfaction and to transmit our production quality to them., therefore we intend to establish long-term mutual relationships based on trust.

We intend to deliver the exact solution promptly, and this is one of our end goals.